From the Mailbag: Dior Joallerie Rose Collections Catalog

Throughout his life Christian Dior had a passion for roses. From the moment his parents moved into “Villa Les Rhumbs”, in Normandy, until the day of his passing, roses influenced much of his work.

Taking note, Maison Dior has released two red carpet worthy jewelry collections inspired by the designer’s favorite flower, designed by Dior’s creative director of fine jewelry, Victoire de Castellane.

Collier “Précieuses Rose”. White gold, diamonds, emeralds, pink sapphires. Price Available Upon Request.

TheBois de Rose” collection is devoted to the stem rather than the actual flower.  It features diamond embellishments on top of yellow and white gold stems.  Victoire drew her inspiration not only from Dior’s love of flowers and gardening, but also from her own love of the fairytale Sleeping Beauty.

Bague "Rose Dior Pré Catelan" petit modèle. Pink gold, diamond, pink quartz. $6,000.

The “Rose Dior Pre Catelan” collection uses coral as its defining embellishment. Diamonds of various sizes are set against brilliant coral and yellow gold, creating a natural and organic jewelry collection.

Créoles “Bois de Rose”. Yellow gold. $3,500.

Bague “Bois de Rose”. Yellow gold, diamonds. $4,600

The collections were unveiled at the Dior Atelier during Paris Fashion Week in March and deliver to Dior Boutiques this June.

Bague “Bois de Rose”. Red gold. $1,850

Bague "Rose Dior Bagatelle". White gold, diamonds and pink sapphires. Price Available Upon Request.

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2 Responses to From the Mailbag: Dior Joallerie Rose Collections Catalog

  1. Akiko says:

    Sleeping Beauty is one of my favorite Disney films, and I love everything about this collection. The only thing that bothers me is the last photo. Maybe it’s just me… but the girl’s right hand looks incredibly fake to me. Unless it’s someone else’s hand creeping up the girl’s chest, the hand is edited in a very unnatural angle. Too much photoshop can really ruin a picture…

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