Jewelry Line Raises Awareness And Funds For Gulf Oil Spill

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill has generated plenty of conversation, controversy and compassion. New Orleans-based jewelry designer Mignon Faget has a new line of cause jewelry to raise awareness and funds for the environmental disaster.

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The new collection, called simply “In Mourning”, pulls together animal-centered pieces that Faget used in previous collections. The collection takes the oysters, redfish, speckled trout, pelicans and other animals and uses them as tie tacks on black ribbons and pendants on black cords. Blackened oxidized silver pieces represent the effect of the oil on the oysters and other wildlife. The pieces are designed both to celebrate the diversity of the Gulf’s marine and wildlife habitats but also to remind people of the tremendous losses caused by the spill.

Pieces retail from $65 to $300 and benefit the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, a nonprofit organization that has been around since the 1980s working on restoring and protecting the Louisiana coast. The collection is available at

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