Fall jewelry is looking rather dangerous


Rhodium-plated bullet bracelet with peace sign by Bullet Girl, $1,800.

I get that the military trend is going strong, but apparently so is jewelry inspired by weapons and ammunition. Of course, there is the Unearthen line of colorful jagged crystals stuffed into bullet casings and strung as pendants, which has been around for several years, but I’ve also noticed recently that more and more designers are creating collections based on or made literally from bullets and casings.

45 AUTO 24k gold-plated CZ cap studs with .17 MM earring jackets, $360; 45 AUTO rhodium-plated with CZ caps flower ring $450, both by Bullet Girl.

 A Texas-based line called Bullet Girl is exactly what it sounds like. Bullets are made into flower shapes, mixed in with strands of pearls and emblazoned with cubic zirconia peace signs and words like “Faith”, “Love” and “Hope” in order to show the more feminine and fancy side of a bullet, but to me it still looks a little aggressive.

Jules Smith "Tracey" bullet earrings, $95; Jules Smith "Zoe" bullet ring, $110.

Brooklyn-based jewelry line Jules Smith usually   creates girly, fun and casual pieces such as neon jellies, charm bracelets and stackable bangles, but for fall she’s turned out a collection of “bullet embellished” pieces. Her collection isn’t made from actual bullets like Bullet Girl and Unearthen, but she’s aimed to create accessories in the shape of ammo for a result that’s definitely edgy and apparently on trend.

.357 MAG 24k gold-plated bullet with CZ cap ring, $300, by Bullet Girl.

Though jewelry designers are trying to transform these symbols of violence into something less jarring, I can’t help but see these pieces for what they really are. What do you think? Will you wear bullet jewelry this fall?

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