Red Carpet Jewelry: Elephants Rock!

As reported here at Red Carpet Jewelry earlier, Gemfields, the ethical emerald mining company, and the World Land Trust collaborated with eight jewelry designers to create a unique ‘pop-up’ exhibition of bespoke emerald jewelry.  The “Emeralds for Elephants” exhibition was presented at Selfridge’s in May.  The aim was to create awareness of the plight of the Asian elephant and to raise funds for the World Land Trust’s ‘Indian Elephant Corridor’ project to save elephants in India.

On June 23rd, Selfridge’s held an auction of the pieces designed for the exhibition.  A life-sized fiberglass elephant with a 678-carat Gemfields emerald, dubbed The Emerald Queen, was sold for £150,000 (approximately $227,000)!

The Emerald Queen. Isn't she cute?

Detail of the Emerald Queen's jewelry.

The auction also featured eight pieces of emerald jewelry by well known designers including Shaun Leane, Theo Fennell and and J.W. Currens, raising a total of $782,200 for the endangered Asian elephants.

Another auction on July 3rd at the Chelsea Royal Hospital will feature other fiberglass elephants, which have been displayed in London as part of the Elephant Parade, created by a variety of designers and artists such as Lulu Guinness, Diane von Furstenberg and HRH Princess Michael of Kent.

We love elephants and red carpet jewelry with a purpose!

Models showcasing creations by Gemfields at the event.

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