Move over, Carrie necklace

The “Carrie” necklace became a big hit with women everywhere since it first appeared in “Sex and the City”.  With the new movie out, a new wave has hit the market, with customers asking for more customized jewelry.

I have noticed several creations in made-to-order jewelry from coast to coast recently.  Stores and women have been displaying their names, or their loved ones, on rings, earrings, mounted on their birth stone, or engraved on statement cuffs.  Some jewelry was a bit more revealing, giving out hints of the owner’s personality, spelling from “Sexy”, “Love”, “Beauty”, “Peace” and “Strong” to the unfortunate “F&%$ You” and “My Pu$&y Kills” (I bet it does).

One of the most innovative pieces of custom jewelry available now was conceived by Brazilian jeweler Raul Souza, from Oficina de Joias: he will recreate your hand signature on a necklace in 18k gold, accented with a diamond.  This clever piece shows off to the wold your style and personality in a unique way.  By the way, he can also recreate your tattoo!

“The idea came to me when a famous model friend of mine asked me to create a name necklace that would be different from others already out. Jokingly, I asked her to give me an autograph, which I then transformed into a necklace.  And then, the hand signature necklace was born!  It is a great idea because there are never two of the same,” said Souza.

The signature necklace can be ordered by contacting the designer’s studio at  True red carpet luxury!

About Alfredo Mubarah

Alfredo Mubarah is an experienced professional in finance, with expertise in the fashion, jewelry and high-end luxury retail markets.
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