Carrie Bradshaw’s Black Diamond

It is no secret I did not enjoy Sex and the City 2.  With the silly plot and issues that I simply did not relate too (Carrie’s big relationship dilemma is that her husband likes to watch TV after a day in the stock market), it gave it the feel of an unnecessary movie and it made me miss the original series when the discussions were more real.  I secretly also wished the wardrobe had not been such a tacky extravaganza.  And that they had never used the term “inter-friend-tion”

I have heard from many of my female friends, angry at me for criticizing the movie, because SATC 2 should be a force to be reckoned with that made them wish they too could get carried away, either with a group of gal pals on a luxury vacation to Abu Dhabi, or to Big and Carrie’s new luxurious Manhattan high-rise. They all loved the karaoke scene, the one that I disliked the most.  I respect their views, but I’m not lying when I say this: I wish I could comprehend.

Proving the point that my opinion on the movie really does not matter, people are still talking about it, even almost 3 weeks after the opening.  Many remember it for the plot, many remember it for the locations, most remember it for the fashions.  One question I have been getting is: where did the black diamond come from?

By the way, unless you’ve already seen Sex and the City 2, you might want to avoid these spoilers.

Women everywhere are talking about the film’s final scenes where Big gives Carrie a black diamond, telling her because she’s not “like anyone else.” (no she is not – she is a fashion-conscious nagging wife, not a frumpy one).

The beautiful 5 carat black diamond ring is from designer Itay Malkin. Malkin’s jewelry was featured in the original “Sex and the City” film, and Parker and writer/director Michael Patrick King chose his black diamond design to be the “ever important ring” in the movie, beating 20 other leading jewelry designers.

“It was an honor to have my design chosen for such an emotionally important scene,” said Malkin.

The final design, in collaboration with Sarah Jessica Parker and the film’s costume designer Patricia Field, featured the 5 carat black diamond surrounded by 80 round natural white pave diamonds and set in 18 karat white gold.

For “Sex and the City” fans who must have all things Carrie, the ring from the film is now going to be identically produced and will retail for $10,000. Each will include a limited edition serial number and a certificate. It will be available at as well as by contacting Itay Malkin Designs at

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Alfredo Mubarah is an experienced professional in finance, with expertise in the fashion, jewelry and high-end luxury retail markets.
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