Chopard’s Partnership with WWF

I love jewelry with a purpose.

Chopard has been actively engaged in various charitable and philanthropic activities for many years. Already involved with associations fighting AIDS and leukaemia, the watchmaker and jeweler is now also demonstrating its awareness of environmental issues by undertaking to support WWF, one of the world’s largest and most respected independent conservation organizations.

On the occasion of its 150th anniversary, celebrated with the introduction of an extraordinary collection of High Jewelry creations dedicated to the animal world, Chopard naturally wished to serve nature by entering into a three-year partnership with WWF in order to offer its support for wild tigers.

2010 marks the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese lunar calendar and comes at a time when tiger numbers are estimated to be as low as 3,200 in the wild. Chopard is partnering with WWF in order to help ensure that the species such as the tiger, featured in its new collection, have a future in the wild.

Chopard will be supporting WWF’s Tiger Initiative that seeks to double the number of tigers in the wild by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger. In order to reach this goal, WWF is undertaking a set of concerted worldwide operations involving operations in all 13 tiger range States. Its actions range from fighting poaching and illegal tiger trade, integrated forest area planning and management, fostering dialogue with those mainly responsible for the destruction of the tiger’s habitats and ongoing engagement with the governments of the 13 countries concerned.

Chopard is also committed to embark on a journey with WWF to reduce the environmental impact of its business practices as an integral part of the long-term partnership between both organizations. As part of its sustainability strategy, Chopard will become a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, which promotes responsible ethical, human rights, social and environmental practices across the jewellery industry.

More information on the Animal World collection on

More information on WWF’s Tiger Initiative on

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