From The Mail Bag: Louis Vuitton L’Ame du Voyage Fine Jewelry

It’s a good day when you open your mailbox in the morning and find a copy of the Louis Vuitton Fine Jewelry catalog.

Announced back in October 2009, it is LV’s first fine jewelry collection – and it does not disappoint.  LV partnered with renowned Paris-based jewelry designer Lorenz Baumer, of Chanel fame, to develop the L’Ame du Voyage collection, or ‘the soul of the journey’.

The collection consists of five unique and extraordinary lines: Swirls and Giddiness, Flying Ribbons, Fans and Umbrellas, Ruffles and Polka Dots, and Tribal Ornaments, the most iconic line, with elements that evoke the essence of Louis Vuitton.

Tribal ornament necklace:

Tribal Ornament

“We wanted to show the vision and the ability to manufacture incredible pieces, along with the ability to tell a story. It’s like writing a book. We just wrote a chapter”, said Baumer.

Based on his favorite geometrical shape, the circle, which he believes to be the symbol of perfection, Baumer devised for Tribal Ornaments a series of overlapping circles in different colors and sizes, covered with precious stones.  The result is a unique and glamorous line, with a $2.5 million price tag for the main necklace.  Tribal Ornaments is certain to help Louis Vuitton to be recognized, admired and respected in the high luxury jewelry field.

Ruffles and Polka Dots:

Ruffles and Polka Dots

Fans and Umbrellas:

Fans and Umbrellas

Flying Ribbons:

Flying Ribbons

Swirls and Giddiness:

Swirls and Giddiness

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Alfredo Mubarah is an experienced professional in finance, with expertise in the fashion, jewelry and high-end luxury retail markets.
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