Emeralds for Elephants Collection at Selfridges

A collection of striking one-of-a-kind emerald jewelry designs inspired by the Indian elephant is on display at Selfridges‘ Wonder Room.

The pieces are on show now through June 22, when Sotheby’s will auction the collection at an exclusive event held at the Selfridges’ London store.   A percentage of profits will benefit the World Land Trust’s Indian Elephant Corridor project.

Among the jewelers who created pieces for the auction are British jewelers Shaun Leane and Theo Fennell, Turkey’s Sevan Bicakci, Belgium’s Francis Mertens, and India’s Gem Palace.

The Emeralds for Elephants collection was initiated by the World Land Trust and the emerald mining company Gemfields, a socially and environmentally conscious mining company in Zambia, who is promoting its emeralds through the creation of these unique pieces.

As India’s farmlands and cities expand, the Asian elephant is experiencing large-scale habitat loss.  The World Trust has identified vital corridors to protect the remaining elephants’ safety.  The profits from the sale of the jewelry will go directly to help save the elephants.

From the fashion perspective, this collection could not have arrived at a better time: emeralds are, by all accounts, in the midst of a dazzling comeback. It began at the Oscars in 2009, when Angelina Jolie paired a simple black gown with 115-carat pear-shaped emerald earrings by Lorraine Schwartz, favored jeweler of the red carpet crowd. Unadorned by diamonds, the $2.5 million dangles glowed a pure, Platonic green. The market treated them as a revelation.

“Emerald was considered such a high stone, but it wasn’t accessible, and we’re now seeing it in this more bohemian, less traditional way,” said Jill Newman, senior style editor at Robb Report, an affluent-lifestyle magazine.

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Alfredo Mubarah is an experienced professional in finance, with expertise in the fashion, jewelry and high-end luxury retail markets.
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