Red Carpet Hat: Akiko Oda

My friend Akiko Oda loves hats.  She creates them and wears them in the most innovative ways.  They are true pieces of art, crafted one-by-one, with several hours dedicated to each creation.

For her graduation, she designed a one-of-a-kind ceremonial hat that was pure luxury: Swarovski crystals, sumptuous ribbons, and the school emblem.  A true homage to her class of journalists in 2010.

“My inspiration was Lady Gaga. I wanted to create a hat that was shiny and over-the-top, but also a piece of art.  I enjoy using random materials and assembling them like a big 3-D puzzle in an avant-garde fashion.”

For the ceremony, she paired the hat with Swarovski encrusted sunglasses, made to resemble a tiger’s eyes.  Truman the Tiger is the mascot of University of Missouri, Akiko’s school.

One of my favorite creations by Akiko is her “Poker Face” hat, also inspired by Lady Gaga and her famous dance hit, which she wore to a dinner in Seattle:

Hats off to you, Akiko!  You have a sparkling future ahead.

About Alfredo Mubarah

Alfredo Mubarah is an experienced professional in finance, with expertise in the fashion, jewelry and high-end luxury retail markets.
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