From The Mail Bag: Cartier Catalog

So I finally received my copy of the new Cartier Printemps 2010 jewelry catalog, and I am very happy with it.  Not as much red carpet jewelry in it as I would have liked.  But the selection is stunning (Cartier, what can we say?) and very innovative: 24 individual unbound photographs in a beautiful case, providing you with time with each piece individually, almost like they are right in the comfort of your home.

First, the outer case:

Beautiful, right? Simple and sofisticated.  A sturdy paper and case that I would be happy to display on top of my coffee table.

Next, I show you the pictures fanned out:

And next my favorite necklace: not groundbreaking for Cartier – the panther once again, but anyone who knows me knows that I love the Cartier panther.  Here it is:

I would love to see this last piece on someone like Eva Mendes: beautiful olive skin and white dress, with the panther hanging right in the middle of her incredible decolletage.

And now to my next two favorite pieces in the collection:

I can see this last one on someone like Cameron Diaz: colorful and whimsical. And I love green stones on alabaster skin.

This last pictures shows a ring that I would wear any day and, yes, keychains. Because if you must open the door to your house yourself, better make the path paved in diamonds.

Curiously enough, no price list came with the catalog.  You know what they say: if you need to ask…

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Alfredo Mubarah is an experienced professional in finance, with expertise in the fashion, jewelry and high-end luxury retail markets.
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