What is Red Carpet Jewelry?

I have been wanting to write about jewelry for a while.  I love everything that sparkles.  Growing up in Brazil, I was always fascinated by the magic of beautiful stones and vivid colors.  I was particularly inspired by the way they were used in the spectacular costumes I saw each year at Carnival.

The jewelry industry has never been so strong, with new wonderful designers, more affordable jewelry and the desire to shop.  However there is too much to write about.

For this blog, I decided to focus on Red Carpet Jewelry.  Were the pieces on the red carpet somewhere around the world?  Possibly.  Very likely.  Or maybe not.  In which case they should – every single beautiful creation that is attention-grabbing enough, and looks like it could be on a red carpet, well, then it should.

I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by beautiful stores in New York, where the pieces of jewelry in the windows of places like Tiffany’s, DeBeers and Graff grab you and will not let you go.  So I will share anything beautiful, anything inspiring, any photograph I can put my hands on, to help keep these pieces live a long life.

One of my friends in Brazil believes that stones choose you, you don’t choose them.  I think that is such a beautiful and poetic way of looking at this world of dreams and works of art, both by man and Mother Nature, and let your mind indulge in the secrets that only that stone knows, what she considered before picking you, even if for a brief moment, before letting you go if she so decides.  Because I too believe a stone romances you, and then, like a beautiful creature from a well-made movie, you cannot help but fall in love, hopelessly and forever.

About Alfredo Mubarah

Alfredo Mubarah is an experienced professional in finance, with expertise in the fashion, jewelry and high-end luxury retail markets.
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